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Our Day Nursery in Lingfield provides your child with the best start in life

Playdays Lingfield is a 44 a day place day nursery in a former village school situated on the main A22 road between East Grinstead and Godstone, we cater for children from 6 weeks to five years. We first opened in 2007 and have gone from strength to strength building up a great team of qualified, dedicated and passionate carers. We pride ourselves in offering flexible childcare to accommodate our families between the hours of 7:30am – 6pm 51 weeks of the year, including a holiday club for children up until their 8th birthday during school holidays.

Flexible Hours & Sessions
Exciting & Safe Day Nursery Environment

At Playdays Nursery Lingfield, we like to ensure we are abatable to your needs. We understand that having flexible childcare is one of the key things parents look for when choosing a setting this is why we offer flexible childcare and have a variety of sessions on offer including term time only sessions for all ages.

Baby Room (6 weeks –2 years old)

Within our baby room, we have qualified, experienced practitioners who specialise in the care and development of babies.

During the early settling-in process we allocate each child a key worker; this allows the child to build a confident and secure bond with a practitioner to support them whilst settling, therefore making the experience of starting nursery a happy and smooth process for both the child and parents. Your child’s allocated key-worker will spend some time with you and your child getting to know you and your child’s daily routine to ensure that these can be well embedded during their time at nursery. The baby room carers give each child opportunities to take part in a variety of stimulating activities based on their own individual interests, they do this by closely observing the children and taking the time to get to know each child. 

Sensory Room

Our baby room offers a range of sensory experiences full of textures, lights and sounds where our babies are encouraged to be freely creative and are provided with a variety of different resources to stimulate their young developing minds.

Qualified & Experienced Practitioners

Within our baby room, we have qualified, experienced practitioners who specialise in the care and development of babies. Each member of staff cares for no more than 3 children at any one time.

Encouraged to Develop

Each child is planned for based on their interests and encouraged to develop through planned adult-led and child-led activities.

Toddler Room (2 years old- 3 years old)

Our toddler room is a fun filled and energetic room which provides a stimulating environment for children to learn, develop and feel safe and secure whilst at nursery. We focus on developing the children’s self-help and independence in this room and spend time on making potty training, dressing, feeding and communicating fun for all
children. Practitioners care for no more than 4 children at any one time and each child will be assigned a key worker who will work together with the parents to build the independence of each child.
Your child’s key-worker will use planned activities that are focused around the Early Years Foundation Stage using indoor and outdoor environments as we value the importance of outdoor play.

Stimulating Environment

Our 2-3s room provides a stimulating environment for children to learn, develop and feel safe and secure whilst at nursery.

Range of Activities

The children do a range of activities each day including, cooking, painting, malleable play, sand and water play, role play and story and song times, circle times and much more!

All Inclusive

In our 2-3s room, we provide all meals, drinks, nappies and wipes.

Pre-School (3 years old-5 years old)

Our Pre-school children have a large double room with free-flow access to the garden at all times giving the children the freedom to choose where they wish to play. Pre-school are provided with educational activities throughout the day helping them to realise their full potential and enjoy a love of learning.

At Huggetts we encourage nursery values and to respect our teachers and friends. Within our Pre-school unit we have a qualified
team of carer’s that specialise in the care and learning of Pre-school children with a ratio of 1 carer to 8 children. Your child’s key-worker will get to know their interests, abilities, likes and dislikes and their preferred way of learning to ensure that when planning activities for the children they are engaged so their full learning potential is maximised.

Free-Play & Free-Choice

We allow for free play and free choice- encouraging independence, sharing skills and forming bonds with their peers.

Range of Activities

Preschool have structured activities during the day including circle times, music and movement and cookery- all preparing them for the transition to school

Free-Flow Access

Our Pre-school children have a large double room, including a conservatory and separate art room on the ground floor giving them free flow access to the garden, toilets and other rooms available.

Early Years Foundation Stage
Activities Suited To Every Child's Needs

Playdays Nursery Lingfield follows the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), which is how the Government and early years professionals describe the time in your child’s life between birth and age 5.

This is a very important stage as it helps your child get ready for school as well as preparing them for their future learning and successes. From when your child is born, up until the age of 5, their early year’s experience should be happy, active, exciting, fun and secure; and support their development, care and learning needs.

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