Promoting Healthy eating Habits

We Encourage Children to Taste Different Foods

Our nurseries understand that snack and meal times are a very important social event within a child’s day, these times allow children and staff to eat together so that the staff are positive role models for the children, encouraging them to taste the different foods and to promote positive eating habits and table manners. We believe that by offering the children a varied diet, it supports children to experience and enjoy new flavours and textures, therefore providing children with the everyday confidence they need to try new things.

We Take Great Pride & Care to Ensure Children Recieve the Correct Nutrition

All of our nurseries take great pride and care to ensure that all children get the correct nutrition through a variety of tasty foods. Every setting provides an inclusive service where our fees include providing the children with breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, snacks and tea depending on the child’s time of attendance.

Specialise in Catering for Children's Meals
Food Cooked Fresh Onsite

All meals are cooked fresh onsite daily, providing healthy nutritious meals for all children, including special meals for babies that are weaning- meeting their individual needs. Our nurseries also cater for allergies and religious preferences. Our menu changes seasonally and once a month the children enjoy ‘food from around the world’, where the children get to taste foods from a different country for each meal of the day.

Our Nursery Meals

All our staff prepare highly nutritional meals and hold the relevant Food Hygiene Certificates.

Menus for each setting are displayed within the nursery on their menu boards.

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